Quick Resource Guide for Business

Below is a list of resources that may be helpful as you plan for your new business or a business expansion. Links for email contacts and websites are included.

Daric Smith - Executive Director

​Phone: 608-339-6945

​Email: aced@maqs.net

Laura Hook - Executive Director

Phone: 608-339-6997

​Email: chamber@visitadamscountywi.com

Cynthia Haggard - County Manager

Phone: 608-339-4579

​Email: cynthia.haggard@co.adams.wi.com

Liana Glavin - County Clerk

Phone: 608-339-4272

Email: countyclerkdept@co.adams.wi.com

Judy Jones - Job Center Associate

​Phone: 608-339-9559

​Email: jjones@ncwwdb.org

Dustin Grant - Dept. Head

Phone: 608-339-4222

​Email: p&zdept@co.adams.wi.us

Dennis Lawrence - Executive Director

Phone: 715-849-5510

​Email: dlawrence@ncwrpc.org

Jami Gebert - Town Administrator

Phone 715-325-8025

Email: gebert@romewi.com

Janet Winters - Clerk/Treasurer

​Phone: 608-339-6516

​Email: jwinters@cityofadams-wi.gov